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KCS portal as a replacement for TCfW

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The customer wants to replace the TCfW (Topcall for Windows, aka KCS Communication Server Client) with KCS Portal.


Kofax Communication Server installations on cloud servers do not allow access to TCfW for security reasons.

With FR12987 for KCS version it is now possible to use all functions of TCfW in KCS Portal.


Installation Instructions

To install this fix, do the following:

  1. On the server where KCSPortal should be running, uninstall older/existing KCS Portal and install TWS. Since KCS, TWS is a prerequisite for this fix.
    Note that TWS is not needed for KCSPortal to work but its setup installs the TOPCALL Fax Printer driver, which is needed by KCS Portal. 
    Older KCS Portal versions should be uninstalled due to some open setup issues.
    This restriction will be fixed in the KCS setup of KCS 10.4.
  2. Verify, that .Net 4.7 is installed on the server: and if necessary, download and install it from here:
  3. In Windows Server Manager, add the Web Server role and its accompanying features:
    .NET Framework 4.7, ASP.NET 4.7, Application development (with  .NET Extensibility 4.7, ASP.NET 4.7).
  4. Execute the IIS reset command (iisreset).
  5. Copy the file tfc.dll of this fix to C:\TOPCALL\Shared and register it with regsvr32.exe.
  6. Copy the KCSPortal.msi file from this fix to any folder like C:\TEMP.
  7. Open the command line box as an administrator and go to C:\TEMP.
  8. Run this command: KCSPortal.msi /L*V "setup.log" to install KCSPortal.
    It is recommended to create a dedicated application pool named "KCSPortal" during the setup.
    Do not forget to also enter a dedicated local Windows group for administrators (e.g. "KCSPortalAdmin") during the setup, as setup creates it automatically.
    The local "Administrators" group should not be used for this purpose.
  9. Open the IIS Manager, go to the corresponding KCSPortal application (by default KCSPortalAdmin) and double-click on the Configuration editor.
    Select system.webServer/handlers and then system.webServer/modules and verify in the actions pane on the right side, that these sections are NOT locked (if they are not, you will see "Lock Section").
    Should they be locked, then unlock them by clicking "Unlock section".

    Note that this is only a potential issue which has occurred recently on two Windows 2016 servers and the reason is still unclear.
    If these sections stay locked, KCSPortal will not start up.
    This problem will be researched and resolved with KCS 10.4.
  10. Execute the file DocConvServer.exe from this fix (self-extracting archive) and extract its contents to C:\TOPCALL\DOCCONVSERVER\00
  11. Execute the batch file C:\TOPCALL\DOCCONVSERVER\00\Configure.bat and do not change anything in the configuration dialogue. Press Save and then Exit.
  12. Open the file C:\TOPCALL\DOCCONVSERVER\00\config\SolutionConfig.xml in a text editor and add the line <SingleProcess>0</SingleProcess> below the line <Advanced> like this:


  13. Open the Windows Computer Management (per right click on the Start symbol), go to Local Users and Groups, then Groups, and add the required administrator account into the group that was created during the KCS Portal setup.
  14. Reboot the KCS Portal server
  15. Execute the Url http[s]://localhost/kcsportaladmin and login with this administrator account you have just added into the KCS Portal admin group.


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Article # 3039145
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