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Sending a fax via a specific FAX channel

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Is it possible to send a fax via a specific FAX channel instead of the usual channel group from within TCfW?


By default, when sending a fax message using e.g. the service FAX (having prefix F), the fax is sent out via one of the free channels within the F channel group.


TcFW - FAX Service

Channels within Channel group F:

Channels with channel group F

So when sending a fax to e.g. FAX,12345, the fax will leave the KCS system on channel 20, 21, 22 or 23.
In some situations it might be important to force an outbound fax over a specific channel, e.g. when tracing fax issues.


It's possible to use a specific channel by using the FREE service and specifying a specific channel.
This can be done using the following syntax:


e.g.: by sending to "FREE,21:12345" you would send a fax to recipient number 12345 via channel 21.

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Article # 3039571
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