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Set password policy for local users

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Users should be forced to change the password in certain intervals and adhere to certain password complexity and accounts could be locked after x failed login attempts.


Open TCfW go to the "System Folder" and search for the file named "App99"


It can contain the following lines:

Password expires after 0 days
Account lockout after 0 bad logon attempts
Minimum password length 0 characters
History holds last 0 passwords

If you want to enforce any of those policies, simply change the number "0" to your desired value.

Value restrictions:
If a value outside the supported range is specified it is substituted with the nearest supported value.
Account lockout after n bad logon attempts: maximum 32767
Minimum password length: maximum 80
History holds last n passwords: maximum 32767

The file “App99” is loaded at TCOSS system start up and also when it is changed or deleted.

Therefore, after setting the desired values, simply save the file in order to activate the new policy.

Users whose password does not fulfill the minimum password length, are not required to change their password right away. This will only be enforced once the password expires.


Account lockout only happens when x amount of different faulty passwords are entered, when you enter the same faulty password time and time again the account is not locked! 

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Kofax Communication Server all all Windows -




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