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TC/Link-SC encrypted

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How to encrypt TC/Link-SC communication


Secure reason


  • On the machine where SAPGUI is installed with the connection to the SAP Server check the connection properties in SAP Logon. In the "Connection" tab you find the "Description" the "System ID" the "Instance Number", the "SAProuter String" and the "Application Server".
  • In the Network tab you have a checkbox "Activate Secure Network Communication" which should be enabled. Just below you have the SNC Name. Copy the string to the clipboard, you need that lateron. You should find also a list of possible security options, in my case I have enabled the last option named "Maximum security settings available"
  • On the machine where SAPGUI is installed with SNC encryption search for the 32-bit SNC encryption DLL, by default this snc encryption DLL is named sapsncencryption.dll and is located in the folder: C:\Program Files (x86)\SAP\SNCEncryption\x86
  • Copy this Dll from the SAP Gui machine to the C:\TCOSS\TCLP folder of the machine running TC/LINK-SC
  • make a backup copy of the C:\TCOSS\TCLP\SAPRFC.INI
  • load regedit and check the SAPRFC.INI section name used by your specific TCLINKSC instance where you want to enable encryption, reg. value TOPCALL\<TCLINKSCInstanceName>\SAP\RFCR3Destination, by default CLTTCLINKSC
  • Start Notepad with Right-Click - Run as admin and load the C:\TCOSS\TCLP\SAPRFC.INI file
  • locate the CLient connection with the name as specified in RFCR3Destination within the SAPRFC.INI
  • Add the following parameters to the client connection section, just below the last parameter which is typically SYSNR:
  1. SNC_MODE = 1
  2. SNC_PARTNERNAME = <SNC Name as you see it in the SAP Logon definition>
  3. SNC_LIB = C:\TCOSS\TCLP\sapsncencryption.dll
  • So in my case the section looked as shown below after doing the modification:
  3. TYPE=A
  4. GWHOST=vmsb-sap752
  5. GWSERV=sapgw00
  6. ASHOST=vmsb-sap752
  7. RFC_TRACE=0
  8. SYSNR=00
  9. SNC_MODE=1
  11. SNC_LIB=C:\TCOSS\TCLP\sapsncencryption.dll


  • Save the SAPRFC.INI and start the TCLINKSC again, it should start up properly
  • Send a message from SAP and check on the network if the message and the notification are transmitted encrypted, use e.g. Wireshark to check the encryption.

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Article # 3047906
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