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TC/LINK-OC to send out alert messages via e-Mail

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Use case: A customer wants to receive system Error messages (ATExxxx) via e-Mail.

Can KCS TC/LINK-OC send out alert messages via e-Mail (not having TC/Web)?


TC/LINK-OC can be used without TC/WEB, but not for this purpose.

TC/LINK-OC is a specific TC/LINK-SM variation that needs no license, and this "OC" mode is detected with following registry values:

  • HKLM\SOFTWARE\TOPCALL\TCLINKSM\TCLSM\SMFixedRecipient=<empty string>
  • HKLM\SOFTWARE\TOPCALL\TCLINKSM\TOPCALL\ChkDisSend=1 (accept only inbound messages for which it finds a shadow user)

If one of these registry values is not configured in the way listed above, TC/LINK-OC runs as TC/LINK-SM and requires a license.

The reg-entries 1st and 2nd make it impossible to use TC/LINK-OC for the outgoing direction (KCS -> SMTP)

So TC/LINK-OC can be only used to receive SMTP messages and it can NOT be used to send out alert messages.

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Kofax Communication Server 9.x, 10.x      


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Article # 3035024
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