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Fax channels show two red arrows within KCS monitor

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Fax channels show two red arrows within KCS monitor and unable to use for inbound and outbound transmissions.

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Showing these two red arrows means that a line error has occurred on the shown channels.
Usually this happens in one of the following situations:

  • The physical telephony line (ISDN line) connected to the channel / line server is disconnected from the device or has been deactivated.
    This could also be seen within the Application Event-log as this will show the following event
    16046 Line for TCOSS Channel %3 has been disconnected.
    It will also show within the system folder in a so called ATE*** message containing a System Error Message with date and time and the following line.
    - "Line for TCOSS channel XX has been disconnected, Check if the ISDN line is correctly connected to the TC Line Server"
  • There isn't a valid license available for the shown channel.
    This could also been seen with the Application Event-Log as this will show following or similair events.
    -   16003    A channel stopped working due to wrong configuration, insufficient license or line errors. Error message: %3  in %1
    It will also show within the system folder in so called ATE*** messages.


  • Reconnect or re-enable the telephony line connected to the Line Server, when done the line server will automatically recognize this has been done and the two red arrows will disappear. and the following message could be seen within the Event-Log.
    16047    Line for TCOSS Channel %3 has been reconnected.
  • If the issue is license related please create a support case or contact your local KCS technical contact.

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