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KCS Testmode

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License Expired cause system to stop functioning. 



License Expiration



Temporarily restore system functionality.

Put server to Testmode.

  1. Go to START -> PROGRAMS ->  Kofax Application -> LICENSE MAINTENANCE.
  2. Click Switch to Testmode button

If you clicked the Switch to Testmode button,Next to the button there will appear a label, which tells you how long TCOSS will remain in testmode (The time format is: DD/MM/YY). Approx 7 days.
During this time there are no license checks done by TCOSS and you can see the number of current used
licenses in the “Current Reg.” Column. The first column shows you whether you have installed enough
licenses or you have installed to little licenses.
Since KCS 7.47.04 it is possible to disable the test mode by clicking the Deactivate Testmode button.
This will switch the TCOSS in the new licensing mode back.
If licenses are installed and activated and you switch to test mode, then the user/application license
counts (shown in the Current Reg. column) are reset to 0. The same happens when you deactivate the
test mode. Channel licenses are not affected.


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Article # 3041582
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