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Fax header line definition rules and examples

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When sending a FAX message the top of the message contains a so called header line, this article describes how this header line is setup.


The default the FAX header line is defined within the configuration of the FAX channel (config line 243 to 247).
Please take care that you can only use header line specific variables (enclosed within % characters like %A%, %C%,...), you cannot use cover variables like $EPg$!

To use cover variables in the header line we have to use a cover, the following rules apply:

  1. The ++HLN line must be at the beginning of the document.
    It is important that the FAX modules has the ++HLN information available, before the first line of data is really sent via the line.
  2. The ++HLN line must be defined in one line, so when you split it over 2 lines it will not work anymore.
  3. A new ++HLN definition does not replace the previously defined header line definition of the FAX module, it just overwrites those characters, which are defined new, e.g.:
    If the standard FAX header line has e.g. 120 character length and the new ++HLN line has 30 characters length, only the first 30 characters of the old header line definition are overwritten, the remaining 90 characters are still taken from the configuration.
  4. By default, when you open a new message in TCFW with a Text box, the length of the text box is 85 characters, which is too short to overwrite a complete header line definition. Therefore additional files with 140CPL (=135 characters because there is a 5 characters BS/LF offset) and 90 CPL (=85 characters because there is a 5 characters BS/LF offset) have to be created. Please see the attached .pdf file "Using HLN parameter.pdf" attached for further information on how to create these files. After that you can define the ++HLN definition then in one line. Afterwards the line length is set back to the standard of 85 characters using the 90CPI document.


To get a header line containing the current page and the total number of pages we have to create a cover, because otherwise we can't use any cover variables and use the following header line where the bold part is responsible for the "Page 001 of 003" entry in the header line:

"++HLN To:$Name $ From:$UComp$ Fax:$UTxt $ Sent %D% Doc:%N% Page:%P% of 00$EPg$"

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See attached PDF document. "Using HLN parameter.pdf"


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