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KCS 10.1.1 - Known issues

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Known issues for KCS 10.1.1:

  • TCOSS Upgrade to KCS 10.1.1 may fail with error message "EasyConfig managed system. Get config first!" 
  • ExitEmailHeader EEH2.dll Link-SM crash
  • KCS Portal Upgrade (Files) 
  • KCS Portal Upgrade (Internet-Information-Server Application Pool)
  • KCS Portal Upgrade (Single Sign On) 


TCOSS Upgrade to KCS 10.1.1 may fail with error message "EasyConfig managed system. Get config first!" 

If TCOSS before KCS 10.1.1 (7.96.xx or older) is used with configuration where bit 5 (value 0x10) in position 4 of system configuration line 13 (least significant part of short- term archive size) is set then installation of KCS 10.1.1 fails with the error message: "EasyConfig managed system. Get config first!"


The problem happend due to additional positions in configuration line 5 (version number).

This modification is not considered during the check for EasyConfig managed system so that the flag (0x10) that indicates whether is system is managed by WCONFIG or EasyConfig is read from position 4 of line 13 (from old configurations) instead of position 1 of line 10.

Recommended workaround:

  1. Stop TCOSS
  2. Get local configuration (to update the actual config to the new version)
  3. Delete file +TECH/ASYSCONFCCCC in the KCS file structure with the tcdel command shown below.
  4. To do so open a command prompt and navigate with the "cd" command to the C:\TCOSS\SYSTEM folder Enter the following command within the command prompt window: tcdel +TECH/ASYSCONFCCCC
  5. If you get the problem with a TCOSS ASP instance, you have to specify additionally the machine name of the TCOSS Server and the name of the TCOSS instance as command line parameters. For the server name you might also use a single "." character, the TCOSS instance is TCOSS01, TCOSS02,....
  8. Install updated configuration locally
  9. Start TCOSS again


ExitEmailHeader EEH2.dll Link-SM crash

The already solved bug 889291 is not included in KCS 10.1.1, although described in the Release Notes.

The package contains EEH2.DLL version 1.15.02, but bug is solved in version 1.15.05.

Products is working on a Fixpack , to release this version, if you need it earlier, please contact our support team.


KCS Portal Upgrade (Files) 

If KCS Portal is upgraded from KCS 10.1 to KCS 10.1.1, several .dlls are not updated because of a version mismatch. As result, only a blank page is displayed.

This does not occur on new KCSPortal installations of KCS 10.1.1.

How to solve:

  1. Make a copy of the kcs\kcsportal folder located on the KCS 10.1.1 ISO to a folder located on your local harddisk,
  2. e.g. C:\Temp\KCSPortal
  3. Open a Command Prompt with Administrator privilege (right click - Run as Administrator) and change directory to the copied kcsportal folder path
  4. Execute the following command: msiexec /i kcsportal.msi REINSTALLMODE=amus
  5. Restart IIS and verify that the KCS Portal application is running

KCS Portal Upgrade (Internet-Information-Server Application Pool)

If you still see a blank page

  • verify whether the ApplicationPool used by KCSPortal uses .NET Framework v4.0 (and not v2.0)
  • this setting can be checked in IIS config -> KCSPortal web site -> “Basic Settings” -> Application Pool



KCS Portal Upgrade (Single Sign On) 

If you use Windows authentication (SSO)

  • verify mode=Windows in the “Configuration Editor” of KSCPortal within IIS Config
  • this setting can be checked in IIS config -> KCSPortal web site -> Configuration Editor –> mode




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