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KCS - Known Issues

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Are there any known issues when installing Kofax Communication Server version and do we have any workarounds or patches available to solve these issues?


The following issues have been reported for KCS

  1. Bug 1374531: KCS Foip does not start up, if H.323 callpeers are configured (COD-11049).
    This bug was solved with KCS Fixpack
  2. Bug 1378909: TC/LINK VRS installation does not work with KCS 10.3 Setup
    As a workaround execute the following steps before running the KCS 10.3.0 Setup program:
    • Check in Windows Server manager, if the .NET Framework 3.5 SP1 is instaled and if it is not installed, install it using Windows Server Manager.
    • Check in Control panel - Programs and Features, if the Microsoft Visual C++ 2008 SP1 Redistributable package - x86 is installed.
      If it is not installed, install the redistributable package executing the vcredist_x86_2008.exe.
      You can find this installer in the KCS\Win32 folder of the KCS 10.2 ISO image
    • Once you have installed these 2 components you can start again the KCS Setup program. 
  3. Bug 1374930: TCWeb update from lower KCS version like 10.2 to 10.3 does not work correctly
    This bug was solved with the TCWebSetup.msi included in the KCS Fixpack
    • Uninstall TCWEB application via Control panel - Programs and Features
    • Rename or delete the folder c:\tcoss\tcweb
    • Install the TC/Web running again the KCS 10.3.0 Setup program
  4. Bug 1398581: TC/LINK-LN crashes when sending a message with Attachment from Lotus Notes (COD-12198)
    This bug was solved with the KCS Fixpack

In general it is recommended to install the latest KCS fix pack after installing all required KCS applications.
Currently (Nov. 2021) the latest Fixpack available for KCS 10.3 is the KCS fixpack.
If you encounter a specific issue after installing the latest fix pack, please check with Kofax support, if there is a separate Hotfix available solving your issue.

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Article # 3035612
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