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Meaning of FoIP errors that occur when sending faxes

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Customer reports different errors for Outgoing Faxes and wants to know the meaning of them.
Faxes are sent using FoIP (Fax over IP).


The error codes are visible in the TCfW Communication Server Client. Two columns are important:

  • Error: shows the two-character code of the error
  • Response: shows additional information in case of error.

Response field provides information about the error in the following Syntax: I:<category (short name)>;<connection level>;<error code>;<diagnostics>

In the FoIP manual, you can find sections that describe.

  • Error Categories
  • Connection level
  • Error Codes

Additionally, the TCOSS System manual contains descriptions for two-character error codes that also apply to FoIP.
These manuals can be found in the documentation section of the Kofax Communication Server (KCS)
The link to the documentation can be found in the References below.

For even more information or further investigation into specific erros, FoIP Traces could be useful.
For more details on FoIP tracing, check the References section further down in this article.

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Article # 3042324
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