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KCS 10.0.0 - Known issues




Changed default behaviour for Tandem installations

With the improved behaviour, Tandem Server now should never go into the desynchronized state at the expense of not running at all in certain error situations. This is the default and the recommended setting.

As a consequence of the new default, the primary master stops automatically if neither the secondary master nor the status agent can be reached.

The improvements can be deactivated using a new registry value

which must be set identically on both primary and secondary master:

  • 0 - Never run without proper quorum (default value)
  • 1 - Primary/Secondary master can run stand-alone without status agent

Also, in the case of having Primary and Secondary located in different datacenters, it is strongly recommended to install the Status Agent in the same datacenter as the Primary.

See the Tandem Server Technical Manual for more details.

Install order on the same machine

  • Server First,
  • Client Last

Important known issue for KCS 10.0 No direct downgrade to KCS 9.2:

WConfig of KCS 9.2.0 cannot install a configuration locally to a file structure, which already was used with KCS 10.0.0 or later. The layout of the config file ASYSCONFCCCC changed.

As a consequence, a downgrade from KCS 10.0 to KCS 9.2 is not possible without additional actions. (BUG 551344)

Workaround: Delete the file +TECH/ASYSCONFCCCC

  • Open a command prompt on the KCS server.
  • Go to C:\TCOSS\SYSTEM\.
  • Run the command tcdel +TECH/ASYSCONFCCCC. Reply is: “1 Files deleted, 441 Bytes freed”.
  • Close the command prompt.

Other known issues can be found in the attached release documentation

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