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Annotation feature is not working in KCS 9.x



Adding annotations to a TCfW message no longer works since COD-0235 for KCS 8.2 CP 5.28.00. COD-0235 resolved a memory leak that only occurred when printing to a normal printer via TCfW.


If your KCS Client setup is on KCS 9.2, you can apply COD-2799.
If you're on an in between version (KCS 8.2 - KCS 9.1.1) and you cannot update to KCS Client 9.2 + COD-2799, you can apply the following workaround.
Replace the existing TCVIEW32.OCX file with the one that's attached. Attached you can find version 4.02.02. This is a pre-COD-0235 version.

You can find the installed version of this file either in:


or if no other KCS products but TCfW are installed, in:

C:\Program Files (x86)\TOPCALL\Shared

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Keywords: TCfW, annotation, KCS, Kofax Communication Server

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