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DEMO watermark shown accross all pages, when sending PCL files from SAP via FAX

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After migrating KCS TC/LINK-SC to another machine I encoutered the problem, that the PCL files generated from SAP were faxed out, showing a "DEMO" watermark accross all pages being faxed out.

What must be done to solve this problem?


Such a problem typically happens, if something has gone wrong while running the KCS Setup and registering the Lincoln converter DLLs did not succeed.

On a 64-bit Operating system, please check the registry value


On a 32-bit Operating system, please check the registry value


This registry value "BinPath" (type REG_SZ) must point to the directory where the LincPag2.dll is located, so typically the registry value is set to:


If the registry value does not exist or points to a wrong directory, you will get this DEMO watermark on the generated output documents.

Suggestions to solve this issue:

  • Please check whether the Lincoln converter files are really located under C:\TCOSS\TCLP\LINCOLN\BIN or whether these file were possibly moved to another directory or drive.
  • Please check the registry value HKLM\SOFTWARE\Wow6432Node\LINCOLN\EPFaxW\5.0\BinPath (64-bit OS) or HKLM\SOFTWARE\LINCOLN\EPFaxW\5.0\BinPath (32-bit OS)
    Does it point to the correct Lincoln converter directory where the files are located?
  • Please check also the PATH environment variable (My Computer - Properties - Advances System Settings - Environment variables).
    Is there any path listed there, which also contains the LincPag2.dll (maybe in a different version)?
    The version of LincPag2.dll in case of using KCS 9.2 is "2006.4.8.0" and has a "Last modified date" of 25.2.2009
  • Rerun KCS Setup on this machine and do a reboot, if it requests you to do so

Applies to:

  • KCS all versions, problem encountered with KCS 9.2
  • related Support Case: 00589416

Keywords: DEMO, Lincoln, watermark, SAP, PCL

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