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Information about Meltdown / Spectre Vulnerability

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Some basic information about the issue can be found on a dedicated website as well as Wikipedia: (2018/01/11) (2018/01/11) (2018/01/11)

In short, those codenames describe vulnerabilities in current processors which can be used to read out memory of a machine which could mean passwords, personal or business critical information and so on.

It is not an issue in our software, that means KCS is not directly affected!
Those vulnerabilities are issues with the microcode of the CPU and need to be patched using the operating system and/or hardware vendors (like CPU vendor via microcode update, Mainboard vendor via BIOS update).
When running KCS on virtual machines, operating system means on a Hypervisor level in that regard (updates for e.g. VMware ESXi, Fusion or MS Hyper-V).

KCS Hardware:

The KCS Lineserver (LS1) does not grant access to execute foreign code at all and therefore is not affected by those vulnerabilities.

Applies to

  • KCS (all versions)

Keywords: Meltdown, Spectre, Intel, AMD, x86, ARM, PPC, CPU, processor, KCS, TCOSS, LS1, Vulnerability

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