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Overlay for faxes with reception errors

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This solution only works if you use shadow users which pass on received faxes via in-events.

Inside TCOSS, you have the possibility to create an in-event, that only works for messages without reception error, with reception error or both.

Imagine your message flow is for example like this:


You have two options which both have advantages and disadvantages. The first option is to use masks. The second one is to use covers.


You could directly use the mask inside the in-event, so you could create a mask that just adds something like "THIS MESSAGE WAS NOT RECEIVED CORRECTLY!" in front of the message.


The other way would be to use a cover, which is service dependent for the specific MX7 service. If you use this way, you would have to:

  • create a second MX7 service which is basically a copy of the already existing one.
  • in the In-event, you use the normal MX7 service for every fax you receive without a reception error and the new service for every fax with a reception error.
  • add a service dependent cover to every message forwarded to the link, which is empty for the normal MX7 service and does contain an overlay for the new MX7 service.

For details on service dependent covers, please consult the 'TC/CP Administrator Manual', Chapter 7.1.

Basically, the mask option is the easier one, but you are limited to the options that are available for masks and are not able to enjoy the functionality of covers. The cover option does allow the use of cover variables (but is more complex to configure).

Applies to

  • all supported TC/SP

Keywords: Overlay, reception error, cover