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TiffyViewer is not working with newer Java versions (beginning with Java 7 Update 51)




Java implemented a security feature into their packages, which affects the TiffyViewer in TC/Web to display the message in image mode.
By clicking the 'Image View' button in a message, this window appears:


By clicking 'Run' to access it anyway, you will see in the message window of TC/Web the following:


With 'Click for details' this window appears:


None of the buttons help to get the image view started.


  1. Don't update or use the newest Java packages.
  2. If the newest Java version is installed, add the TC/Web URL into the exception list:
    (start button [All Programs] / Java / Configure Java / 'Security' Tab / 'Edit Site List...' Button)
    If you entered an unsecured URL (http), a security warning comes up.
    Click 'Continue' to add the URL anyway to the exception list:
  3. Use FR-2877 to replace the TiffyViewer (a PDF will be generated, which would be opened automatically with an installed PDF reader plug in).

Hint: If someone wants to audit e.g. the printing activities, which was possible with the TiffyViewer, this is no longer working with this fix

Applies to

All KCS versions.

Keywords: TiffyViewer, KCS, Kofax Communication Server, TC/Web, Java