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GSM box - Network out of order

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Sending SMS messages via TC/Link-WM suddenly goes slower or completely stops for extended periods of time. The only information that can be found in the TC/Link-WM trace is the following error: "Network out of order"



Possible symptoms:

  • Sudden lower throughput of SMS messages.
  • Delay in processing SMS messages.
  • Not able to send SMS messages for multiple hours.

In the TC/Link-WM trace the error will manifest itself as follows:

+CMS ERROR: Network out of order
23/10:24:37.590 (2d34/1ee0) TCLMD\CGsmModem::SendCmgs PostMsg: GSM Modem Returned Error Code: >+CMS ERROR: Network out of order< try to send again!

Error description:

If you "Google" for this "Network out of order" error message you'll most likely find the following description.

  • Cause no 38: "Network out of order"
    This cause indicates that the network is not functioning correctly and that the condition is likely to last a relatively long period of time; e.g., immediately re-attempting the short message transfer is not likely to be successful.

Possible cause:

This problem usually isn't caused by a malfunctioning GSM box, defective SIM card or a bad network signal. It can never hurt to check though. So make sure there are no defects and that the signal strength is high enough.

The most common cause is a forced limit by the mobile network operator.

Possible reasons for this limit:

  • The operator wants to reduce the load on its network.
  • The operator thinks that your SIM is spamming messages.
  • Contract for you SIM card changed from "heavy use" to "normal use"


Things to do:

  • Check if you have a special SIM card for heavy usage or not.
  • Does the operator know that this SIM is used for a lot of traffic?
  • Talk to the mobile network operator, inform them about your problem and ask what can be done about it.

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