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TC/Web Tiffy viewer certificate not updating automatically

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The TC/Web Tiffy viewer certificate is unable to update automatically.


The URL for auto-updating the Tiffy Viewer Certificate has changed which prevents some current installations from updating it automatically.

Another cause could be that the KCS TC/Web server doesn't have direct internet access, in that case manually download and update the ach.jar & files.


The new URL to download the cetificates is:

Please enter this new URL into the registry key:


and start the certificate update by clicking the "update now" button when it appears after the login into TC/Web. 

Usually it will update ach.jar and automatically, but if you haven't assigned the correct write rights to and ach.jar for the TC/Web user the update might fail. 

Alternatively you could download both files with the following links: 

Copy them manually into the TCWEB folder replacing the old files.


NOTE: can only be done by a user who has sufficient rights assigned, otherwise you cannot overwrite the old files

Just for info: 

"version.xml" is also on the web, but does not need to be copied to the local TC/Web servers! 

And don't forget to do a "iisreset" after updating the certificates, this needs to be done after manual or automatic update! 



  • In KCS version 10.3 the Tiffy viewer is replaced by Atalsoft web viever.
  • The current Tiffy certificates are valid until July 13th 2022 which is the same date when KCS 10.2 is end of support.

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Applies to  

Product Version Build Environment Hardware
Kofax Communication Server - TC/Web 10.2.x 3584, 4079    


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