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+Time-out in TCOSS channel running on SSLV

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What triggers this error: Time-out in TCOSS channel 99 running on SSLV?


Basically this error points to a communication problem (Timeout) between TCOSS (TAM) and the TUM channel running on Foip. This might happen, if e.g. there is not enough CPU available.


  • Check if this error is reported more frequently or if this was a one time issue.
  • Attach TCOSS (TCOSS\TraceLevel=0x1083) and Foip Traces (TraceLevel=10) covering the time where the issue occurred
  • Get details about the configuration used at the customer (TCOSS and Foip on different servers, TCOSS configuration, environment details...) and attach these details to the case.
  • Get the application event log of TCOSS and Foip server and attach them to the case.
  • Check with the customer for any network issues at the time the issue was reported, if Foip and TCOSS are running on 2 different servers

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KCS FoIP all      


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Article # 3047919
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