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The KCS 10.3 All DocumentationSearch.pdx file does not open anymore a search dialog


Question / Problem: 

I use Adobe Reader DC Version 2021.001.20135 (released on 2nd Feb. 2021) and I want to search within the KCS 10.3 documentation.
To do so I extracted the documentation from the file and afterwards
I double-click the print\All_DocumentationSearch.pdx file. Afterwards I get a security warning:

"The operation you are trying to perform potentially requires read access to your drives. Do you want to allow this operation?"

Normally - after confirming this question with button "Allow" the Search dialog opens and you can enter a KCS specific search term.
But for some reason this search dialog does not open anymore.

Answer / Solution: 

This problem seems to be an issue with this specific version of Adobe Reader DC and it has been documented within the Adobe articles
listed below . We expect that Adobe will provide a fix for this problem in one of the upcoming releases of Adobe Reader DC.

Search / Find

Problem: [Win-only] Acrobat is not able to load the associated index of a PDF file. [4323902]


  1. Uninstall the version 2021.001.20135 of Adobe Reader and use the version 2020.013.20074 instead:
    You might download this version from here:

    After installing this previous version stop the Adobe Acrobat Update Service within services.msc and set the service to status Disabled to prevent Autoupdate.
  2. Select the search index manually: If you cannot use Workaround 1 and you cannot go back to the previous version use the following steps
    Double-click the All_DocumentationSearch.pdx file
    Use the menu option Edit - Advanced Search...
    The search dialog opens. Click the link Show more options at the bottom of the search dialog window
    Now the Look in drop down box shows The current document. Open this drop down box and select the option Select Index...
    A new dialog opens where the All_documentationSearch.pdx is already selected
    Press OK to close this dialog
    The Look in drop down box has now changed to Currently selected Indexes
    Now you can enter your search term into the field What word or phrase would you like to search for? and it will give you the desired search result.

Updated Solution:

Adobe released a new version of the Adobe Reader DC, where the problem is solved: see

Therefore please update to version 2021.001.20138

Applies to:  

Product Version
Adobe Reader DC 2021.001.20135
KCS PDF Documentation 10.3



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