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Unable to connect between servers using KCS Monitor

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When configuring a remote server in "Kofax Communication Server - Monitor" (KCS Monitor), sometimes it fails to connect and shows an error "no network access or power off".


There can be several causes for this problem, the most common one is that the ports between the servers is blocked by Windows firewall or a remote firewall.

A full list of Ports used by KCS can be found in the networking section of Chapter 9 in the "Kofax Communication Server Environment Guide - Platform System Manual". Normally, for connectivity with KCS Monitor, port 445/tcp is needed, or when using the TCP connection it will be port 64385/tcp

There is a second possible cause and that is 'name resolution'. If the server is unable to resolve the name of the remote server, it will be unable to connect.


Firstly, confirm connectivity between the servers by mapping a remote network drive.
If this is not possible then check connectivity by using the IP Address rather than server name.
If this is not possible, the issue is most likely caused by the name resolution not working correctly and you will need to check with the server Admin.

If name resolution is working, check windows firewall to see if the needed ports are open.
This can be verified by Using Telnet from an elevated command Prompt (ran as Administrator).
e.g by running a command like this: telnet 25
you're checking if port 25 on the server with IP can be reached.

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Article # 3038002
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