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Set the proofing language for the output


In Microsoft Word the proofing language is configured as part of the style that is applied to a paragraph. To change the proofing language, you change the language of all used styles to the desired proofing language.

Normally styles are applied via a style document. When a style document is used, you change the language on the styles used in the style document. Normally there is one main style on which all other styles are based on. For such a style document you only have to modify the language of the main style. For the default style document shipped with KCM, this is the style ITP_Normal.

If no style document is used, then the styles in the master template or rich text blocks must be modified to the desired proofing language.

Change the proofing language for the InstallationTest project

In case you do not have the InstallationTest project, then it can be imported from <root>\KCM\Programs\<version>\Management\Software\ITPi\reference.mdk.

  1. Login Designer for Web.
  2. In project installationTest, edit the style document Letter (Corporate Design -> DKC Blue -> Style Sheet -> Letter).
  3. Open the styles list (shortcut ALT+CTRL+SHIFT+S)
  4. Right-click the style ITP_Normal and click Modify.
  5. In the style edit window, click on Format -> Language.
  6. Change the proofing language to the desired proofing language.
  7. Save and close the style document.
  8. Unlock the style document. Optionally accept and publish the style document.
  9. Test the document template Example Letter DKC Blue. Note that in the result document the proofing language is changed to the proofing language configured in step 6.
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