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Migration of database from one server to another

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The SQL Server databases of KCM must be migrated to a different database server. After the databases are migrated (replicated), what are the required steps in KCM for using the new databases?


A standard KCM 5.3 and older installation make use of 2 SQL Server databases. 

  • A single Database for the Contract Manager: <prefix>_CM_<version> (e.g. CCM_CM_5.2)
  • One database per KCM instance (Repository server): <prefix>_<instance_number>_<version> (e.g. CCM_01_5.2 )

Installations after KCM 5.4 only make use of one database per instance for the Repository Server.


KCM 5.3 and earlier:

After the databases are replicated to the new database server, the configuration files with the connection string must be updated of the Contract Manager and Repository server.

  • Repository Server. The line ConnString in itprep.ini:


For example: C:\CCM\Work\5.2\Instance_01\designer\config\itprep.ini
The connection string for ConnString setting is an ODBC connection string. 

For the changes to take effect, restart the service [designer_nn_x.x] Aia ITP/MDK Repository server.

  • Contract Manager. The attribute url in the XML node Resource in context.xml.default:


For example: "C:\Program Files\Apache Software Foundation\Tomcat 8.5\instance-CCMRuntime-5.2\conf\Catalina-CM\localhost\context.xml.default"
For more information about the URL format in context.xml.default, see the jTDS documentation (

For the changes to take effect, restart the service Apache Tomcat CCMRuntime instance n.n

KCM 5.4:

Since KCM 5.4, a tool is introduced for changing the instance (Repository) Database.

In the installation guide see ChangeInstanceDatabase.exe in the chapter "Move the KCM Repository database".
This is the command line application for connecting KCM to the new instance database.

After copying the database to the new database server, run ChangeInstanceDatabase.exe with Database!Mode=Existing. The setting Database!Mode=Existing indicates that the new instance database already contains data. 


KCM 5.5 and later:

Since KCM 5.5+, a different tool is used for switching the instance (Repository) database.

The tool SetInstanceDatabase.exe is described in the getting started guide. Use this tool to configure the new connection string. For the parameter Instance!DatabaseMode use the setting Check. 

To apply the new configuration, the KCM instance must be stopped and started using StopInstance.exe and StartInstance.exe. These two programs are described in the installation guide.

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