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Reset the ITPAdmin password

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When the password for ITPAdmin is lost, how can you reset that password to the default?



This is described in the KCM Repository Administrators Guide. The link to the product documentation can be found at the end of the article.

The ITP Admin (itpadmin) user account has a default built-in password, which is "". For security reasons, KCM Repository forces you to change this password when you first log in as KCM Admin.

If the password to the KCM Admin account is lost, you can use another user account with administrative rights to reset the KCM Admin password.

If no user account is configured with administrative rights, you can use KCM Repository to regenerate the default password. To do so, you need access to the KCM Repository database and a tool to execute SQL commands against that database, as shown below.

  1. Execute the following SQL statement. Place the statement on a new line
        DELETE FROM T1200 WHERE C1201=1
    The statement removes the KCM Admin account.
  2. Locate the itprep.ini file for the KCM instance, which is located in <deploy root>/KCM\Work\<version>\Instance_<num>\designer\Config.
    Keep a note of this file path.
  3. In the <deploy root>\KCM\Programs\<version>\ITPMDKRepositoryServer folder, locate cvc.exe.
  4. Restart KCM Repository Server.
  5. Within 10 seconds after starting the server, run cvc.exe , providing the file path you obtained at step 2 as a parameter:
        cvc.exe /cfg=<path>
    For example:
        cvc.exe /cfg="C:\KCM\Work\5.5\Instance_01\designer\Config\itprep.ini"
  6. This command regenerates the KCM Admin account.
  7. Once cvc.exe is finished, start KCM Designer for Windows, and then log in as KCM Admin with the default password.
    You are prompted to change the password.

NOTE: If the password is not changed to the default password, then cvc.exe was not started within 10 seconds after restarting KCM Repository server. Restart KCM Repository server again, and run cvc.exe (step 5) within 10 seconds.

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Article # 3044004
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