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Update Java Runtime Environment

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Is it possible to update the Java Runtime Environment of a KCM installation?



Java Runtime Environment can be updated . The next two sections describe how to do this for KCM 5.4 and earlier and KCM 5.5 and later.

KCM 5.4 and earlier

Oracle Java Runtime Environment updates are always installed in a new folder. This is not a problem since Tomcat is configured to locate the Oracle Java Runtime Environment using the default Java Path in the Windows Registry. To update Java Runtime Environment:

  1. Stop all Tomcat services.
  2. Update Java Runtime Environment.
  3. Start all Tomcat services.

If the services fail to start, see the next section "Manual post-configuration steps" for the next steps.

KCM 5.5 and later

In KCM 5.5 and later, Apache Tomcat is configured to use the Java Runtime Environment installation defined during the installation of KCM. When the Java Runtime Environment is updated, it is installed on a new location and the old Java Runtime Environment will be removed. As a result Apache Tomcat cannot locate the old Java Runtime Environment anymore and will fail to start. Additional configuration is required after updating Java Runtime Environment. To update Java Runtime Environment:

  1. Stop all Tomcat services.
  2. Update Java Runtime Environment.
  3. Follow the steps from the Manual post-configuration steps section.
  4. Start all Tomcat services.
Manual post-configuration steps

The Apache Tomcat services must still be configured to use the new Java Runtime Environment. To manually configure Java Runtime Environment for each Apache Tomcat instance:

  1. Open command prompt as administrator.
  2. Navigate to the bin folder in the main Apache Tomcat Folder. For example: c:\Program Files\Apache Software Foundation\Tomcat 9.0\bin\.
  3. Open the Tomcat configuration utility for the Tomcat instance using "Tomcat9w.exe //ES/<Tomcat instance name>".
    For example:  Tomcat9w.exe //ES/Tomcat-KCMRuntime-5.5

Note: TomcatXw.exe will contain the Tomcat major version for X. For example for Tomcat 8 the name of the utility is Tomcat8w.exe.

To determine the Tomcat instance name, open services.msc, open the properties of the KCM (or CCM) Apache Tomcat service and check the service name (not the display name). When the properties of the service is opened, the service name to use is already selected.


  1. On tab Java, enter the new path to jvm.dll in "Java Virtual Machine:". The jvm.dll is located in <JRE>\bin\server\jvm.dll.
    For example: C:\Program Files\AdoptOpenJDK\jre-\bin\server\jvm.dll.

From KCM 5.6, KCM will have a separate tool for pointing the Apache Tomcat instances to the new Java Runtime Environment installation.

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