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After upgrading KCM, the example web application shows the error: A misconfiguration has occurred

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Internet Explorer is used for accessing the example web page. After upgrading Kofax Communications Manager 5.1 or higher, KCM 5.1 for short, visiting the example web application (http(s)://<kcm-server-name>[:8081]/start/home.html) results in the following error:


A misconfiguration has been detected. The contract information in js/config_5.1.js has not been updated. Please refer to this file for more information. This example will not be functional until the misconfiguration has been fixed. 


In newer versions of KCM, the config_5.1.js file (used by the example web application) is still called config_5.1.js. Internet Explorer still serves the old config_5.1.js file from cache, instead of the newer config_5.1.js file served by Apache Tomcat. The example web application detects that the old file is served from cache and reports the above error.


This issue can be resolved by configuring Internet Explorer not to serve outdates files from cache or by clearing the cache in Internet Explorer.

Clear the cache of Internet Explorer.
  1. Open Internet Explorer.
  2. Go to the example web application (http(s)://<ccm-server-name>[:8081]/start/home.html)
  3. Use the key combination CTRL+F5 to force Internet Explorer to fully reload the page and not use cache.
Configure Internet Explorer to check if there is a newer version available of a web file. This prevents caching issues in Internet Explorer.
  1. Open Internet Explorer.
  2. Click menu Tools -> Internet Options -> Settings -> Click 'Every time I visit the webpage'
  3. Close all dialogs via the Ok button.
  4. Reload the example web application page.
Issue occurs for existing installation

If this issue occurred for the situation where KCM was not just upgraded, refer to the following article.

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Kofax Communications Manager 5.2 and later n/a n/a n/a


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