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[B&OM] - XPS Conversion creates XPS documents with low quality images

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Batch and Output Management, B&OM for short, is configured to use Microsoft Word for XPS Conversion. After documents have been converted to XPS in XPS Conversion, the XPS version of the documents contain images of a low quality.



When Microsoft Word is used for XPS Conversion it defaults to Optimise for Publishing. This setting creates an XPS document optimised for file size and will contain images of a lower quality to save on file size.



Via a global configuration setting, the default setting for XPS Conversion can be changed to Optimised for Print (high quality output). 

  1. Open dp.ini of the Core instance that is used for B&OM. (<root>\kcm\Work\<version>\Instance_NN\Core\Config\dp.ini)
  2. Under the section [Configuration] add the key value pair ExportDocToXPS.OptimiseForPrint=Y
  3. Save and close the dp.ini file.
  4. Restart all KCM Core services.
    1. Open KCM Core Administrator.
    2. Right click the Core instance that is used for B&OM and click Restart KCM Core.


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Kofax Communications Manager 5.2 and later n/a n/a n/a



Article # 3035690