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DocToPDF (Amyuni) produces PDF files with non-working hyperlinks

Article # 3035747 - Page views: 10

Article # 3035747 - Page views: 10


DocToPDF with Processor Amyuni is used for producing PDF documents. Amyuni is the default converter used for the DocToPDF command in KCM Core Scripting. While the Word document contains interactive elements, the result PDF document does not contain interactive elements such as:

  • working hyperlinks
  • clickable links in the Table of Contents
  • clickable bookmarks
  • et cetera



Amyuni PDF convertor is a PDF printer driver.  Amyuni is the default converter used for the DocToPDF command in KCM Core Scripting. This is also the default converter used by the standard KCM API interfaces such as ComposePDFV1 or ComposePDFInteractiveStartV1. With Amyuni, the PDF is produced as how it would be printed on paper. It is a printer driver. When using Amyuni all Interactive features (like hyperlinks) are lost. Just like when you print on paper.

Note that every modern PDF reader will automatically convert full written hyperlinks (e.g. to clickable hyperlinks. Even though the PDF document contains no hyperlinks, it will appear that the document contains hyperlinks.



For producing PDF documents with interactive features such as hyperlinks there are two options:
1). Use Rendition as PDF processor. For the DocToPDF command, provide the additional parameter Processor("Rendition"). For example:


 2). Use the Microsoft Word PDF export filter. The Core Scripting command is ExportDocToPDF. This command requires Word 2007 or higher. From Word 2007, Word contains a PDF convertor.

Changing the default convertor for the standard KCM interfaces

For the standard interfaces of the contract manager (e.g ComposePDFV1 of CCMInteractiveV1), the exit point ContractDocToPDF.dss is used for DOCX to PDF conversion. The location is:
    "..\KCM\Work\<version>\Instance_<number>\core\Scripts\User Library\ContractDocToPDF.dss".
This exit point can be modified to change the PDF convertor used for the standard interfaces.


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