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Error 514 - Failed to start Word

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In Designer for Windows when opening a Word document the following error occurs
Error 514 - Failed to start Word



When a Word document is opened in Designer for Windows, Designer uses the automation layer in Microsoft Windows to ask the operating system to start Microsoft Word and open the Word document. At the same time, Microsoft Word is instructed to load the ITPMDKserver.dotm file. This Word template contains the Designer for Windows toolbar for Microsoft Word.

When one of these steps fail, Designer will report the error "Error 514 - Failed to start Word".



There are multiple possible causes for Microsoft Word failing to start. The first step is to inspect the log file of Designer for Windows. The location of the file is:


Access issues with the temporary files folder

Rarely the Windows user profile has no valid temp folder. In this case it is not possible to access %TEMP%\itprep.log.
Before Designer reports the "Error 514 - Failed to start Word" error, the following error occurs:

Word could not create the work file. Check the temp environment variable

To resolve this error, configure the Windows user profile to have a valid temp folder. The environment variable TEMP contains the location of the temporary files folder in Windows. This path must exist. Your system administrator can assist with configuring the user account to have a valid temporary files folder configured.

No access to the Word template file ITPMDKserver.dotm

Microsoft Word needs access to the Word template ITPMDKServer.dotm. If this access is restricted, then the following error is logged to the %TEMP%\itprep.log file.

<date> <time> [Word] Failed to start Word (Word cannot open this document template.

Normally this error indicates that antivirus software or antimalware software, such as Microsoft Windows defender, block access to the Word template file. This error can be resolved by white listing the installation folder of Designer for Windows in security software. 

No specific error
<date> <time> [Word] Failed to start Word.

When no specific error is reported, then the issue can normally be resolved by uninstalling and then installing Designer for Windows.

As a last resort if reinstalling Designer for Windows does not resolve the issue, then repairing the Microsoft Office installation can help.

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