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You receive the error "FATAL ERROR API1027: Missing ITPCMINIFILE setting" when producing a document. This most likely happened after you migrated projects and scripts from an old ITP 4.2 environment to a new KCM 4.4+ environment.



This error occurs when you use a LTB uri as model parameter and ITP/CCM Base has not been configured. ITP/CCM Base was a component in ITP 4.2 which has been phased out. From KCCM 4.4 and later you use REP Uris. Logical models are replaced by Document Templates. Document Templates are managed in Designer for Web.

REP Uris are explained in the CCM Core developers guide on page 27.



To recap, this error occurs due to using a LTB uri as model parameter.

Use a REP uri instead. E.g. rep:/documenttemplate/<my_project>/<my_document_template>.

If this project was imported from an older version you still have to create the document templates in Designer for Web. If the logical models had properties, then you must set these properties as PARAMETERs in the master template. This is explained in the Template Scripting language manual on page 38. When you create a document template based on a master template with PARAMETERs, then it will automatically show those in the document template editor.


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