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FATAL ERROR DMN0150: Your licence is not correct. No further communications possible.

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A document is produced that uses an iSeries DID. The following error is returned by KCM:

ITPLOG: WARNING BSD0011: Datamanager shut down.
ITPLOGDM: FATAL ERROR DMN0150: Your licence is not correct. No further communications possible.

On the iSeries in the job logs, the following error is logged:

Message . . . . : Grace period expired. Requesting user not added.
Cause . . . . . : You received this message for one of the following
-- A request was made to add a user, but the grace period has expired and the requesting user was not added. Any users exceeding the usage limit of 0 have been released for product 0ITPSDK, license term V3R1, feature 5005. Users are released, starting with the most recently added user, until the number of uses no longer exceeds the usage limit.
-- The evaluation period for product 0ITPCOM, license term V2R1, feature 5005, has ended. Access to this product is no longer available until a license key is entered. There are currently .00 uses for the local partition. There are currently .00 uses across all partitions. 
Recovery . . . : Contact your software provider to assist you in receiving a new license key.
Message . . . . : License error


The deprecated version 3.1 of the iSeries Connector is used. Version 3.1.1 and earlier required a license on the iSeries machine that is hardware bound. When the software was moved to a different iSeries machine, the license would become invalid and a new license had to be requested. 

The current version 3.5 of the iSeries Connector does not require a license on the iSeries. For the out of support ITP 4.2 and ITP 3.5, a separate iSeries PC connection license was required to connect to the iSeries Connector on the iSeries machine. This license was entered in ITP/Server Administrator. For KCM 4.4 and newer, no extra license is required. 



To resolve this error, upgrade to KCM 4.4 or higher. On the iSeries machine, upgrade the iSeries connector to version 3.5. The iSeries Connector 3.5 can be requested from Kofax Technical Support. Create a new case requesting version 3.5 of the KCM iSeries Connector. Kofax Technical Support will make it available.


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Product Version Build Environment Hardware
Kofax Communications Manager All versions n/a AS/400 iSeries AS/400 iSeries



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