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FATAL ERROR IOL0211: Failed to copy OLE2 object pool (1-0003-0020)

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You have master templates that use the put_in_document function. Intermittently when such a master template is run, you receive the following runtime error:

FATAL ERROR IOL0211: Failed to copy OLE2 object pool (1-0003-0020)



The error code 1-0003-0020 indicates a share violation. A temporary file of KCM is locked by an external process. This prevents KCM from generating the document and the IOL0211 error is raised. 



In most cases the culprit is a virus scanner installed on the same machine. To resolve your issue, exclude the whole KCM folder in your anti-virus software (for KCM 5.2 and older, the folder is CCM). If the issue still persists, you can use a program such as Process Monitor (a.k.a ProcMon) to determine what program locks the temporary files used by KCM. 


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Kofax Communications Manager All versions      



Article # 3035817