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FATAL ERROR MEM0001: Not enough memory to allocate

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During document composition, KCM reports the following error:

FATAL ERROR MEM0001: Not enough memory to allocate

One of the following situations may apply:

  • Documents are composed with large input XMLs or many XML nodes in the input XML
  • Output is assigned to variables.
  • The used template produces more than one document



When KCM runs out of memory, it reports the error FATAL ERROR MEM0001: Not enough memory to allocate.

This error mostly occurs when a large amount of data is stored in a single variable. For example, if a Code Library is used for content wizard processing, some customers create a function where all produced output is assigned to a variable. The content wizard processing function returns this variable as the result of the function. For very large documents with a very large input XML, this can lead KCM to run out of memory.



For the example with the function in the code library, the solution is to

  • Not use a return variable, but print the text blocks directly in the content wizard processing function. 
  • If this is not possible due to certain functions used (such as headers/footers), then the content wizard processing function can be moved directly into the master template or into an include file. 


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Kofax Communications Manager all versions n/a n/a n/a