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After upgrading KCM the example web application shows the error: A misconfiguration has occurred


Question / Problem: 

You use Internet Explorer. After upgrading KCCM 5.1 or higher, when visiting the example web application (http(s)://<ccm-server-name>[:8081]/start/home.html), you receive the following error:

A misconfiguration has been detected. The contract information in js/config_5.1.js has not been updated. Please refer to this file for more information. This example will not be functional until the misconfiguration has been fixed. 

Answer / Solution: 

In newer versions of KCM, the config_5.1.js file is still called config_5.1.js. Internet Explorer still serves the old config_5.1.js file from cache, instead of the newer config_5.1.js file. To resolve your issue:

A). Clear the cache of Internet Explorer.
1). Open Internet Explorer.
2). Go to the example web application (http(s)://<ccm-server-name>[:8081]/start/home.html)
3). Use the key combination CTRL+F5 to force Internet Explorer to fully reload the page and not use cache.

B). Configure Internet Explorer to check if there is a newer version available of a web file. This prevents caching issues in Internet Explorer.
1). Open Internet Explorer.
2). Click menu Tools -> Internet Options -> Settings -> Click 'Every time i visit the webpage'
3). Close all dialogs via the Ok button.
4). Reload the example web application page.


Applies to:  

Product Version Category
KCM 5.1 and higher Troubleshooting