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DocToPDF command fails with the error: Could not load PDF converter module


Question / Problem: 

The DocToPDF command fail with the error: 

itp.CreatePDF [PDF Conversion Failed: Could not load PDF Converter module, please verify whether the Amyuni PDF Converter license has been accepted, and that the instance has been correctly upgraded from earlier versions of ITP/DS (see the installation guide). ]

Answer / Solution: 

The DocToPDF command uses the Amyuni PDF converter for converting Microsoft Word documents to PDF. The Amyuni PDF converter is a printer driver. For each KCM Document Processor one corresponding Amyuni Printer driver is installed. When you use the DocToPDF command for converting a Microsoft Word document to PDF, the following happens:

  1. The KCM Document Processor starts Microsoft Word and instructs it to open the to-be-converted Microsoft Word document.
  2. Microsoft Word prints the document to PDF file using the Amyuni PDF Printer driver.

When the error "Could not load PDF Converter module" occurs this indicates the Amyuni Printer driver is not installed or the Printer Spooler service is not started. You cannot print in Microsoft Windows when the Printer Spooler service is stopped. To resolve your issue:

  1. Open services manager ( start menu -> run -> services.msc )
  2. Confirm that the "Print Spooler" service is running and has Startup Type Automatic.
  3. Open KCM Core Administrator.
  4. On the Servers node, remove all Document Processors. Document Processors are identified as "ITPDP [core_nn_n.n] #n".
  5. On the Servers node, add all Document Processors.

The below screenshot shows how to access the Servers node and where to locate the buttons for removing and adding Document Processors.


Applies to:  

Product Version
KCM 5.3 and higher
KCCM 4.4 and higher