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Missing previews for rich text blocks in Designer for Web

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In Designer for Web, you see the following error in the preview window for a rich text block:

Currently, no preview is available for this Text Block. Contact your administrator for more information.

This particular project was transferred from a KCM <5.5 environment or the KCM installation has been upgraded from a KCM <5.5 version.


Missing previews for rich text blocks are not automatically generated upon importing an export file. A preview for a rich text block is generated when a rich text block is saved in KCM 5.5 or newer.


To generate previews for all rich text blocks, the tool CreateRichTextBlockPreviews.exe can be used. This tool is located in <deploy root>\KCM\Programs\<version>
\Management\Instance on the KCM instance. You can execute it manually or could create a Windows Task to run it in off-peak hours.

For more details see the section "PDF preview for Rich Text Blocks" in the Repository Administrator's guide (link).


Applies to:  

Product Version
KCM 5.5 or newer


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