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Load balancer lost connection

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After a job has completed, I see the following error message in the log file:

"Processor: Confirmation of <jobid> failed. Load Balancer lost connection."

Is this error harmful?



This is in general an harmless message. After a job has been completed, the load balancer (KCM Core) will send a message to the client, who submitted the request, that the job has been completed successfully. The client is supposed to confirm that it received this confirmation message. This is logged as

Aug 13 14:07:29.220[2] Processor: Client confirmed termination of <jobid>.

If the client does not confirm the message that the job has been completed, then the following message is logged:

Aug 13 14:07:29.220[2] Processor: Confirmation of <jobid> failed. Load Balancer lost connection.

The job itself completed successfully. The client did only not confirm that it received the "job has been completed" message from KCM Core.


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Article # 3035794