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ODBC DID connection with Oracle Database returns values without diacritics

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Kofax CCM is installed on Windows Server 2016. You are using an ODBC DID which retrieves data from an Oracle database server. For fields of type C_CHAR, values without diacritics are retrieved. For example instead of Zoë the value Zoe is returned.



This issue is unrelated to Kofax CCM. This problem is caused by changes in the ODBC layer in Windows Server 2016.



In the DID document of the affected DID with ODBC connection, change the connection type from ODBC to Oracle. The Oracle DID connection is unaffected. After changing the connection type in the DID, you must still configure the Oracle connection in CCM Core Administrator. See below screenshot for more information on adding the Oracle connection in CCM Core Administrator. After adding the Oracle Connection, a new tab Oracle is added where you can configure the connection.



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Kofax Communications Manager all versions n/a Windows Server 2016 n/a



Article # 3035792
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