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Retrieving interactive result fails with OnDemandAndInteractiveV8

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When using OnDemandAndInteractiveV8 on KCCM 5.0 or higher, you'll run into a problem when retrieving the result of an interactive session via interface AiaInteractiveFromSessionGetDocxBasicV3Request or AiaInteractiveFromSessionGetPDFBasicV3Request

The error you receive from the Contract Manager is "An error occurred during the interactive run".



Both scripts use the script AiaInteractiveFromSessionGetResultBasicV3 for retrieving the result. The script uses get_sessionparameter to retrieve the result document location: 
    Const Text ResultDocument = get_sessionparameter("_itp_cloud_result");

The result is empty. Therefore the following IF statement triggers and produces the error.



As a workaround you can use a different session variable:

  1. Open script AiaInteractiveFromSessionGetResultBasicV3.dss
  2. Change
   Const Text ResultDocument = get_sessionparameter("_itp_cloud_result");


   # Const Text ResultDocument = get_sessionparameter("_itp_cloud_result");
   Const Text ResultDocumentName = get_sessionparameter("_itpols_res_file_name");
   Const Text ResultDocument = ResultDocumentName [_sessiondir,];
  1.  Recompile your scripts or library and redeploy it.


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Article # 3035789
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