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Install VRS 4.5, 5.x with Kofax Capture 11.x

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Question / Problem:

Install VRS 4.5, 5.x with Kofax Capture 11.x

Answer / Solution:

Yes. Kofax Capture 11.x are supported with both Kofax VRS 5.x Elite and VRS 4.5.1 (SP1). Please see the Kofax Cross Compatibility Matrix for additional details on configurations for Kofax Capture 10.x and 11.0.

Note-Icon.png Note: It is not recommended to install Kofax Capture 11.x before VRS 4.5.1 (SP 1). If you have already installed Kofax Capture 11.x, we strongly recommend that you first uninstall Kofax Capture and then follow the installation instructions by installing needed VRS version before reinstalling Kofax Capture 11.x
  1. Install VRS 4.5.1 (SP 1) or newer version 5.2
    Once the VRS product is installed, it is recommended to test scanning in the VRS Test Application/VCDemo before continuing with the Kofax Capture 11.x installation to verify that VRS  is installed properly.

  2. Kofax Capture can now be installed using the /NoVRS switch
    To install using the No/VRS switch, open the Run window and enter the path to the Setup.exe file (encompassed by quotation marks) followed by the /NoVRS switch.

    • From the folder where you extracted the downloaded Kofax Capture 11.x ISO (Where <PATH> is the location where the ISO contents were extracted):

      “<PATH>\Kofax Capture\setup.exe” /NoVRS

    • From Kofax Capture 11.x Server location (where <Server>is the network server path):

      "\\<Server>\CaptureSV\WrkInst\Setup.exe" /NoVRS

If Kofax Capture was originally installed using the /NoVRS switch before VRS was installed:

  1. Add the following Key to the Windows Registry:

    HKLM\Software\Kofax Image Products\VirtualReScan

  2. Add a new String Value named InstallDirectory with the Value of:

    “C:\Program Files\kofax\ImgCtls\bin”

    (quotes included) 
  3. Capture can now be installed using the /NoVRS switch.

Applies to:

Product Version
Kofax Capture 11.1
Kofax VRS 5.2
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