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MarkView KIC Integration - Emails are not being picked up from mailboxes

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Applies To

  • Kofax Import Connector: All Versions


  • Emails are not being picked up by KIC, message connector monitor shows the following error in "Passive Imports":
        Polling Cancelled, Storage Full.

Known Causes

  • The Storage.bin file used by Kofax Import Connector has reached it's capacity (50% or above). This can occur if you have KIC configured to "Keep Failures", it can also occur in older versions of KIC even with "Keep Failures" disabled.


  • Disable Keep Failures in the Configuration section of the KIC Message Connector Monitor.
  • Then Stop the KIC Services
  • Rename the old storage.bin file (the path can be found in the KIC Configuration Tool. Default path is Common_appdata:Kofax\KIC- ED\MC\storage.bin.
  • Then restart the services.

This will create a new storage.bin file, and with "Keep Failed" disabled the system will clean up failures when the storage reaches 50% of it's capacity. If you need to access the prior failures, you can rename the backed up storage.bin, after stopping the services. Upon Restart your "Full" or original file will be in use again and show the old failures (note processing will not occur while using the full storage file).

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