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Kofax SignDoc Standard 1.1 New Features


This article contains a list of the new features found in the Kofax SignDoc Standard 1.1 release. 12855
  • The SignDoc Standard 1.1 product:
    • is integrated in KTA 7.2 via KSD REST API V2 and allows integration of KSD signing ceremonies within KTA
    • defines, creates and schedules SigningPackages via REST in a single call.
    • has added time zone support.
    • supports the signing of DOC, DOCX, BMP, PNG, JPEG, and TIFF files. Files are automatically converted to PDF for signing and archiving.
    • automatically converts MS Office signature lines to real digital signature fields and automatically adds signers to packages.
    • is enhanced for better formatting on both desktop and mobile devices using responsive design.

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