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Basic Syntax of a SignDoc Mobile x-callback-url

Please note the two keywords…

keyword description
openURLInternal Is used to call the SignDoc Mobile app from outside - e.g. from a browser
openURLExternal Is used to call an address outside of SignDoc Mobile from SignDoc Mobile - e.g. to call a different app or call a web address


The request url contains all information that the SignDoc Web Server needs to process a particular load document request.
It's also possible to specify complex prepare actions like inserting signature fields.

Since all Information is encoded in an url, all URLs, especially the further embedded URLs, have to be URLEncoded.
This can get complicated when it has to be done manually so it's useful to follow the step-by-step procedure below…

Single Parts of SignDoc Mobile x-callback-url

prefix: x-callback starter



url_1: SignDoc Web Load Request


url_2a: URL of the document (optional, not required if template or ref_id param is used in )


url_2b: SignDoc Mobile App Result URL
Example: signdocmobile://x-callback-url/openURLExternal?url=<url_3_encoded>


url_3: SignDoc Web Result URL (muss URLEncoded werden)
Info: If http:// or https:// is used, Safari opens a new tab with the link. If a different App shall be opend,
it's document handler schema has to be used e.g. myapp://


  1. url_3_encoded = urlEncode(url_3)
  2. url_2a_encoded = urlEncode(url_2a)
  3. url_2b_encoded = urlEncode(url_2b + url_3_encoded)
  4. url_1_encoded = urlEncode(url_1 + url_2a_encoded + url_2b_encoded)
  5. full x-callback_url = prefix + url_1_encoded
Info: It's useful to store the intermediate encoded results in with copy & paste








url_1_encoded: %252Fpdf%252FTrapezaOpenJointAccounts.pdf%26dmsid%3Dde.softpro.sdweb.plugins.impl.FileDms%26resulturl%3Dsigndocmobile%253A%252F%252Fx-callback-url%252


full x-callback_url:
signdocmobile://x-callback-url/openURLInternal? .softpro.sdweb.plugins.impl.FileDms%26resulturl%3Dsigndocmobile%253A%252F%252Fx-callback-rl%252FopenURLExternal%253Furl%253

HTML code Example:

<html> <body> SignDoc Mobile x-callback-url Example<br> Open document in SignDoc Mobile and return to Safari and display the Google Page.<br> <a href="signdocmobile://x-callback-url/openURLInternal? softpro.sdweb.plugins.impl.FileDms%26resulturl%3Dsigndocmobile%253A%252F%252Fx-callback-url%252FopenURLExternal%253Furl%253Dhttp%25253A%25252F%25252F">open document</a> </body> </html>

Sample scenario, document already uploaded via preload web service:

Responded redir_url http://localhost:8080/sdweb/load/doc?ref_id=1333011980416_5adc6e02-1d70-48fc-8fdf-e6333b0157d7


prefix: x-callback starter




full x-callback_url:
signdocmobile://x-callback-url/openURLInternal?url=http%3A%2F%2Flocalhost%3A8080%2Fsdweb%2Fload%2Fdoc%3Fref_id% 3D1333011980416_5adc6e02-1d70-48fc-8fdf-e6333b0157d7

HTML code Example


<html> <body> SignDoc Mobile x-callback-url Example<br> Open document in SignDoc Mobile called from an external web application.<br> <a href="signdocmobile://x-callback-url/openURLInternal?url=http%3A%2F%2Flocalhost%3A8080%2Fsdweb%2Fload%2Fdoc%3Fref_id%3D1333011980416_5adc6e02-1d70-48fc- 8fdf-e6333b0157d7">open document</a> </body> </html>

Useful Tools


URL En/Decoder:

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