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SignDoc Standard - Deliver signed document without cover page

Article # 3031244 - Page views: 64

Article # 3031244 - Page views: 64


The default behavior of Kofax SignDoc Standard is to deliver signed document/s and audit trails as part of the cover page. However, some clients reported that they only wanted the actual document signed and would not like to have a cover page to click and access the signed copy.

How we can disable the cover page and have all signed documents delivered as simple attachments in email?



This can be accomplished via REST API below:

GET /rest/v7/packages/{packageid}/documents/{documentid}/content

to get a single document or


GET /rest/v7/packages/{packageid}/documents

to download all documents which are part of the package as ZIP file.


There is no standard configuration or options available in SignDoc to disable the cover page at the moment.

This is to be improved in Sign Doc version 3.1 as per FR raised below:



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Sign Doc Standard 2.2      

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