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SignDoc Web deployment on JBoss Application Server


This"FastPublish" solution is based on one case only and most likely doesn't cover all possible solution scenarios or error descriptions. This solution is provided as is and may contain limited technical imperfections and consequently may be revised at any time. If you have the same or similar error situation and the provided solution doesn't help in resolving your issue, or if you have further questions or possible additions, please contact your next level of support. 13808

This Knowledge Base article provides an overview of the steps necessary to successfuly deploy SignDoc Web 5.2.1- 1330 on various JBoss versions.

JBoss Wildfly 8.2.1.Final / 9.0.2.Final / 10.0.0.Final / 10.1.0.Final / 11.0.0.Alpha1 ( and JBoss EAP 7.0.0 / 7.1.0.Alpha (

  1. Extract from shipment into folder of choice e.g. d:\sdweb_home
  2. Extract file "sdweb_server-5.2.1-1330.war" from shipment to <WildflyFolder>\standalone\deployments\sdweb.war (folder needs to be created) - N.B.: A deployment directly from the WAR file is not recommended since it requires additional tweaks related to the JBoss Virtual File System and slows down the startup time due to redeployment during every server restart.
  3. Remove "<distributable/>" tag from <WildflyFolder>\standalone\deployments\sdweb.war\WEB-INF\web.xml (N.B.: This will disable clustering support - currently there is no known solution to make clustering work with JBoss)
  4. Create empty deployment trigger file "sdweb.war.dodeploy" in folder <WildflyFolder>\standalone\deployments
  5. Set SignDoc Web specific parameters in <WildflyFolder>\bin\standalone.conf.bat

rem # SignDoc Web specific settings

set "JAVA_OPTS=%JAVA_OPTS% -Djava.library.path=
<JBossFolder>\standalone\deployments\sdweb.war\WEB-INF\lib\native\win64 -
set "PATH=<JBossFolder>\standalone\deployments\sdweb.war\WEB-

  1. Startup server via command <WildflyFolder>\bin\standalone.bat -b
  2. Check http://<yourServerName>:8080/sdweb/about page for availability and correctness

Applies to

  • Kofax SignDoc Web 5.2.1-1330
  • JBoss Application Server various versions (Windows x64)
  • Oracle JDK 1.8.0_131

Keywords: SignDoc Web, JBoss, Wildfly, EAP, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11

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