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How to activate Java Client Logging on SignDoc Web server side

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In case you need to

  • troubleshoot possible client related issues with SignDoc Web (--> Device Connector with Firefox, Chrome Browser, Android, Signdoc Mobile etc.), and
  • you don´t have access to the Client itself (for executing Browser Web debugging tool via F12), or there is no Web Debugging tool available on Client side (for instance SignDoc Mobile app on IOS or Android), or
  • you are advised by Kofax Technical Support,

there is a possibility to stream the log output produced by the SignDoc Web - JavaScript Client into a logfile on Signdoc Web Server side.


Use following procedure for activating the Java Client Logging on SignDoc Web server side:

Open the file \signdoc_home\conf\ In this client configuration file apart of the mentioned client logging functionality also supported locales can be
configured, but we will only mention the logging functionality in this article. The default settings look like following:

A typical recommendation of Kofax Technical Support to set the


Log.Level defines how much output shall be written into the logfile, recommendation for troubleshooting: Log.Level = 5
Log.Class defines where the log output shall be written to:

the default setting
Log.Class = de.softpro.sdweb.gwt.server.log.SDWebClientXjLog will force that the log output is written and appended to the signdoc_home\logs\SDWEB.log file on server side.
In this case the options Log.File and Log.MaxSize are ignored.

For better overview it makes sence to stream the log output into a dedicated log file. This can be achieved if you empty the Log.Class value
Log.Class = ,

Log.File: The log output will be written into the file/path configured in Log.File = (example Log.File = D:/signdoc_home/logs/JClient.log)
Log.MaxSize: The log file size is limited to the value specified in Log.MaxSize = (example Log.MaxSize = 50000)

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