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How to activate SPDEBUG Logging in ONE step

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How to quickly activate SPDEBUG.log logging for "SignDoc Desktop" or "SignDoc for Adobe Reader" without doing manual changes in environment variables.


Find find 2 batch files available for download here:

If you use SignDoc Desktop or SignDoc for Adobe Reader you will need to use the respective spdebug-sddesktop.bat file or the spdebug-sd-for-Adobe.bat.

Please proceed with following steps (explaining how it works for Signdoc Desktop using the spdebug-sddesktop.bat)

1.) Copy the spdebug-sddesktop.bat to the workstation where you want to troubleshoot SignPad connectivity issues with SignDoc Desktop.
2.) Copy the spdebug-sddesktop.bat to a folder of your choice, read/write access are required.
3.) If SignDoc Desktop is already opened, please close it.
4.) Doubleclick on spdebug-desktop.bat. It will set the LogLevel Parameters and starts Signdoc Desktop in the same session.
5.) Reproduce the problem, close SignDoc Desktop. The logfile named spdebug-sddesktop.log has been written into the same directory, where you copied the batch file to.

Please note SPDEBUG loglevel parameters are only set for this one session. Next time you start SignDoc Desktop the Default LogLevels are used (SPDEBUG = 0)

content of attached batch file spdebug-sddesktop.bat

SET splm2debug=3
SET SPDEBUGDIR=spdebug-sddesktop.log

content of attached batch file spdebug-sd-for-Adobe.bat

SET splm2debug=3
SET SPDEBUGDIR=spdebug-sd-for-Adobe.log
"%ProgramFiles(x86)%\Adobe\Acrobat Reader DC\Reader\AcroRd32.exe"

You might need to change the path to AcroRd32.exe based on the installed Adobe Reader version. The attached spdebug-sd-for-Adobe.bat is valid for version Adobe Reader DC, but might not be valid for other Adobe Reader versions.


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