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How to troubleshoot problems in Email sending in Signdoc Standard

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If you face email sending problems with Signdoc Standard, this article illustrates the possibilities to get more information about the problem into the Signdoc cirrus.log file.


It´s recommended to activate Debug logging in the signdoc_home\conf\XjLog.xml file to get more log output into the cirrus.log file. This will show the reason why email sending isn´t working.

In order to do so, please copy or add (if not already existing) following logger lines into the XjLog.xml file:

    <logger name="" level="DEBUG" additivity="false">
        <appender-ref ref="R"/>

Save the XjLog.xml file, and reproduce and try to send an email from Signdoc Standard.
Then you should get more details into the cirrus.log file why mail sending is not working, as shown in this example:



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