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Return to particular iOS app from SignDoc Mobile app after finalize

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This"FastPublish" solution is based on one case only and most likely doesn't cover all possible solution scenarios or error descriptions. This solution is provided as is and may contain limited technical imperfections and consequently may be revised at any time. If you have the same or similar error situation and the provided solution doesn't help in resolving your issue, or if you have further questions or possible additions, please contact your next level of support.



From within it´s own iOS app a customer calls the SignDoc Mobile app (communicating with the customer´s own SignDoc Web server) to open a PDF document for signing.

After signing and finalizing the document the requirement is to return to the original customer app.



SignDoc Mobile uses the x-callback-url  specification for app communication.

To notify SignDoc Mobile about the original customer app and specify it as the returning point, the result URL parameter has to be set in the SignDoc Web sdweb_config.groovy file.

The below generic example shows in which way to set the parameter:


More specifically to, for example, open the iOS Notes app after finalizing a document in the SignDoc Mobile app, the below setting can be used:



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